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Modern Pendant Lighting

Niche has been creating luxurious handmade modern pendant lighting for over a decade for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Our journey all began with just one modern light and soon grew to over 20 pendant shapes in our contemporary lighting collection. Our team of experienced glass artisans takes great care in delivering a product of timeless beauty with the highest standards of craftsmanship in mind. Our glass color palette has expanded to include bold, opaque glass colors in addition to our signature transparent glass colors. We melt the most pristine raw materials to make the most consistent and highest quality glass. Over the last decade of producing modern lighting, we've also seen a change in light bulb styles. Most pendants are supplied with a standard incandescent bulb, but you can also choose to go the CFL or LED bulb route for energy and cost efficiency. Whatever your design sense may be, Niche provides countless options so you can pick the perfect modern lighting.