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Modern Lighting Accessories

Light bulbs, cords and ceiling canopies are a few of the modern lighting accessories we carry to ensure you have everything you need for your installation.

All Accessories

While each pendant light comes equipped with a standard bulb, 4' black cord set, and black ceiling canopy, we understand that you want options too! We offer LED and CFL light bulbs in addition to our standard incandescent bulbs. You can also choose from silver cord sets or glass holders made with different metal finishes in order to achieve a particular look and feel. Other metal finish options are available for our ceiling canopies so they can blend seamlessly with your ceiling. Want to see our glass colors in person? You can! Order a set of glass color samples to help you make an informed decision. For designers and showrooms, we also offer a product binder to keep all of our lighting information in one place. The binder comes with a set of our standard glass color samples.